About us

This site is operated by CPB Media Group, who also own a portfolio of social media and other online resources which have developed since the inception of the group originally known as ‘Shipinfo’ in 2000. Originally providing maritime websites the group has evolved to include Facebook groups, Youtube Channels,  Blogs and websites.

Group content whilst originally maritime focused now includes all genre of transport as well as Photography, nature, music and food.

Christopher Brindle is the owner of CPB Media Group. His collection of maritime resources are highly regarded by both the enthusiast and commercial markets with over 85,000 members in his Facebook groups, thousands of visitors to his blogs and hundreds of videos on his YouTube channels.

A veteran photographer of well over 150 vessels of all shapes and sizes, his cruise and ferry articles inspire and challenge the reader to better understand the history of the vessels, the environment in which they operate and of course the onboard experience provided in a rich and informative way, which has caught the favourable eye of leading ferry, cruise and leisure craft companies in the UK and overseas.

Working freelance without any affiliation to any cruise line, ferry company  or  press organisation, Chris is able to use his experience to offer an impartial view and his highly regarded photographic skills enable him to showcase vessels to a wide audience through his online platforms which he has been building and developing since 2000, his global audience through membership of his groups now exceeds 60 countries worldwide.

In addition Christopher provided freelance photography, PR services, strategy and development plans and social media services to other heritage transport organisations.